To make sure everything works out.

Your Berlin removal specialist

Planning and preparation make all the difference between chaos and a well executed move.

We are here to help you with this. This is why we visit you at your home and advise you. Your Kopania advisor will provide much expertise and useful tips.

Moving out

One day ahead

  • Kopania-Packer
  • Hydro-Plants
  • Parking Space for the Removal Truck
  • Key items for your personal luggage
  • Suitcases for you and your family
  • Water your plants
  • Place valuable items in your personal luggage

On Moving Day

  • Get up a little early, have a relaxed breakfast and get ready for the day
  • Our Kopania team will review everything with you
  • Record water/power/gas counters
  • Protective covers for your floors
  • Garbage bags
  • Empty mailbox
  • Remove name plates
  • Final house cleaning
  • Record and sign the status list of the premises with owner
  • Agree on deposit repayment
  • Review the result of improvement jobs
  • Last things:
    • Garbage bin
    • Disconnect water
    • Keys
    • Last Check
  • Keep your mobile phone ready:
    • Stay in contact with the removal team (in case of lateness, potential problems or misunderstandings)

Moving in

  • Parking place for the removal truck
  • Check out the new home for damages. Get independent confirmation
  • Layout sketch for our removal team to provide orientation
  • Attach name plates (front door, bell)
  • Craftsmen for all connections and adaptations:
    • Kitchen, oven
    • Water
    • Electricity
    • Washing machines
    • Television
  • Record water/power/gas counters
  • Review with our team:
    • Has everything been done?
    • Nothing forgotten?
    • Note any damages
  • Complete your Kopania removal assessment form
  • Register with the new community
  • Re-register your car
  • Bank
  • Meet the new neighbours