Senior citizen relocation in Berlin with Kopania

From a certain age, relocations become increasingly difficult: older people don't like moving, but prefer their well-known place of residence. Sometimes, there is no other way. The house or flat has become too big, one would like to live close to doctors, if a loved one was lost, a new place of residence might be desired – there are many reason for senior citizens to relocate.

At Kopania we help senior citizens with a needs-based and age-appropriate relocation, that reduces stress to a minimum. Our additional services ensure that you can move into your new home quickly and without complications. We offer the following services:

  • Consultation and planning with our relocation consultants.
  • Assistance in dissolving a household
  • Trips to authorities
  • Storage of furniture that does not fit into the new home
  • Disposal of inventory that is no longer needed
  • Delivery of packaging material
  • Optional: packing your inventory
  • Disassembly/removal of furniture, kitchens, lamps, curtains, pictures etc.
  • Painting work and final cleaning
  • Assembly of furniture and kitchen
  • Installation of lamps, curtains, pictures etc.
  • Optional: unpacking of your inventory

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