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We are proud to present our first newsletter from Germany.
We want you to inform about news and facts from our company, Germany and the CIS. As this is our first newsletter we want you to tell who we are and what we do >>>

Rely on me for an excellent Move

We all tend to connect "moving home" with  stress, confusion and potential risk.

 Not with us. We sit down with you and plan  every detail. We treat your possessions with  care. We are prepared for all  difficult situations. We strive to do the boring  and difficult tasks for you. We want to make it  easy for you. You should preferably enjoy your move with us. And we do all this at very reasonable prices.
I take a very personal interest in your successful move.

Please write to me.

Christoph Schulze
Managing Director

Christoph.Schulze (at)

Individual Solutions

Moving your Family ?

All according to need and budget. Don't worry about costs. We have very flexible solutions.

Intermediate Storage

We provide any storage facility you may require, including the best furniture container warehouse in Berlin.