Kopania Services: from accompanying loads to assembly service

At Kopania we offer a wide range of services that will make your relocation a lot easier or even more cost-effective. Let us advise you on the best options for your relocation.

Accompanying loads

If your relocation goods only require little storage space, sending them as an accompanying load is often the most cost-effective transport option. We transport your well-packed goods together with other goods or find space for your load at our partners.

Relocation materials

Trust in our professional packaging material: Kopania supplies high-quality packaging materials in which you can pack your relocation goods yourself. For our full-service relocations, we use the exact same moving materials.

External lift

In narrow staircases without or only with a small elevator, an external lift is the ideal solution: this allows us to transport your furniture to the top quickly and safely. This saves you and us time, which in turn speeds up the relocation.

No-parking zone

For loading and unloading, often a cordoned off area is necessary for the moving truck. We apply for and set up a no-parking zone, ensuring that everything can be loaded quickly and transported on the day of the relocation.

Packing service

If you don't have a lot of time or need to take care of your partner and your family, we can take over the complete packing for you. Before the relocation, we plan the type and quantity of the packing material needed for your inventory and pack everything, carefully and safely.

Assembly service

The dismantling and assembly of kitchens, furniture, lamps and other inventory can take up quite some time. We will take care of this job for you and provide qualified employees at both the loading and unloading site.

Put your relocation in good hands!